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Petrel Resources is an Irish based exploration and production company with a current focus on exploring Ireland’s offshore Atlantic. The Company was founded in 1983, and listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) since August 2000. 

Petrel’s initial focus was on becoming an Iraqi oil producer, earning risk-adjusted returns. However, Federal contracts available since 2010 were sub-economic on a risk-adjusted basis.  Added complications were governance challenges and slowness in ratifying pre-war licences.

Petrel is a 30 per cent holder, through a local Ghanaian registered company, in a high potential licence application in the Tano Basin, Ghana, close to existing production.  Petrel’s 2011 return to its Irish offshore exploration roots anticipated the success of the 2015 Bid Round, which attracted majors Exxon Mobil, Nexen / CNOOC and Equinor, among others.  Rising industry interest in the Atlantic offshore is driven by similarity to the eastern Canada Jurassic play, and the ‘West African’ style Cretaceous play, as well as competitive fiscal terms, higher oil & gas prices, and new technology enabling deeper wells. 

Positive 2018 election and security developments have enabled Petrel’s return to Iraqi oil exploration and development.  Petrel is re-building its Iraqi team and evaluating opportunities for renewed progress in Iraq.


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